What do you want to know about Mance?


Mance Rayder grew up in the government controlled nightmare that is New York City. He left 2 days after graduating high school.

He spent a good bit of time in South Florida where he met his wife.

In 2005 they moved to the Atlanta metro area where in 2007 he discovered the Ron Paul Liberty movement. This school of thought sent him down a rabbit hole of freedom-seeking culminating in the intellectual move to Voluntaryist thought.

This radically capitalist school of thought permeates his life and led him to the teachings he now shares on the podcast entitled Free Man Beyond the Wall.  

There are numerous podcasts out there that concentrate on the scholarly pursuits of economics and ethics. Most of them use language that goes over the head of the average person who is looking to grow in knowledge and in confidence. Mance talks like somebody that you would meet on the street because that's where he's from. 

More than anything, he wants you to get excited and motivated about liberty and only seeks to share knowledge that you can use in your everyday life.