Episode 99: The Pulse Massacre Was Blowback From The “War On Terror”

Mance goes over the facts that have come to light about the Pulse shooting from testimony in the case against the shooter’s wife. It was NOT a hate crime against the LGBT community, but “blowback” from the “war on Terror”

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  1. Quakeonthelake on 04/10/2018 at 10:19 PM

    America first implementation consisted of a good tax cut, to bring corporate money back into the US and give middle class a genuine tax cut, the Obama care has been neutralized, Trump is hitting the Jews where it hurts them most..Wall Street by raising interest rates and making money more e pensive, and involving US in a trade war with China that is roiling the markets. After all, it was Wall Street that sent American manufacturing to China making US economy mostly a service type economy. He told Gary Cohn and Goldman Sachs to get lost, and started to implement the trade war Wall Street did not want. The tug of war with the neocons will continue, I believe Trump will prevail against them considering unforeseen circumstances. http://quakeonthelake.org/

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