Episode 27: My Meme of the Day 8/22/17

This Meme of the Day is a little longer than usual but it’s on a great quote that definitely needs attention. Enjoy!! pic.twitter.com/H5yUJWFWvp — Mance Rayder♛ (@mnrothbard) August 22, 2017

Episode 26: Free Speech is Non-Negotiable

In this short episode Mance comments on the ongoing assault on free speech. He tells you why they’re doing it, how they’re doing it and why you should NEVER back down and hold onto it like your life depends on it….because it does! On Twitter – https://twitter.com/mnrothbard

Episode 25: My Meme of the Day 8/19/17

Just a quick take on people that actually thought Trump would get in office and have the power and backing to make the changes they wanted.   Goes to show how many people are still asleep when people actually thought ht would be allowed to do this. Statism is better than Ambien. pic.twitter.com/xCjrK6gtKp — Mance…

Episode 24: The Liberty Movement is Being Attacked From Within

If you haven’t been paying attention you may not have noticed that everyone from people calling themselves libertarian/anarchists, right down to the leader of the Libertarian Party, seem to be doing everything they can to distort and destroy the message of true liberty. Here’s Mance’s take on what’s going on and what should be done.

Episode 23: My Meme of the Day 8/17/17

Just a quick rant calling out liberals that think they have found an ally in Antifa. Message: they hate you too!! pic.twitter.com/t0wLV5Y3Ek — Mance Rayder♛ (@mnrothbard) August 17, 2017