Episode 22: An Interview With Foreign Policy Expert Scott Horton

In this episode Mance talks to the Managing Director of the Libertarian Institute and foreign policy expert Scott Horton. They discuss Scott’s background, the three factions in the U.S. government that most desire war, the continuing horror of The Middle East wars and the recent history of the North Korean conflict. Scott talks about his…

Episode 21: My Meme of the Day 8/15/17

For this meme of the day podcast we will look at the eternal dilemma of socialism/communism: that man is by nature selfish. pic.twitter.com/b5DYnvydvR — Mance Rayderâ™› (@mnrothbard) August 14, 2017

Episode 18: My Meme of the Day 8/11/17

This is a powerful meme and quote that even the most hard-hearted statist would agree with. Enjoy!!!!!   pic.twitter.com/EgaZMeJPod — Mance Rayderâ™› (@mnrothbard) August 11, 2017