I’m sorry people but this is all very simple. It’s something that we’ve seen over and over again, something you’ve most likely complained about, and therefore, no matter what side you identify with, if you’re a rational being, you have to see it. Tim Pool is no longer a reporter but an opinion journalist.

Here is the video he posted last night explaining why he doesn’t want to cover these rallies anymore:

Tim is worried that he is in danger and he probably is. But why? Oh, I don’t know, might it have something to do with videos like this?

Tim has to accept the fact that he has become an opinion journalist. Anybody with a phone and internet access can pull up multiple videos with Tim painting Antifa in a negative light. So when Tim goes to these events and sticks a mic and camera in their faces, they know who he is and are convinced he is there to harm them.

Setting aside my opinion of Antifa (They’re anti-human scum) I find it hard to believe that Tim does not see that he has brought this on himself. You can either be a journalist that reports both sides without bias, or you can be an independent version of a CNN, MSNBC, FOX News opinion “journalist” and appear to have taken sides losing the neutral footing you may have started out determined to tread.

In a society where we have been brainwashed to join teams and lash out at anyone that may appear to be criticizing “my side”, I know my opinion will anger some. My hope is that those who have not taken that route will appreciate the opinion that Tim has brought this on himself.


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