Nothing is more infuriating about the American Left, or the ruling class for that matter, than the “double standard”.

Wikileaks all of a sudden became heroes of the American Right after they released emails detailing the corruption of Hillary Clinton and her minions. They shouted “don’t blame the messenger look at the message!” But of course when the shoe is on the other foot the message reverses.

If somebody in the government believes that Trump did something nefarious, especially if that may lead to the dreaded “I” word, then it’s their duty to put it out there.

Maybe they’re not doing it out of altruism? Maybe it’s politics? Screaming POLITICS at this point is futile to your argument unless you want to argue the release of the HRC emails had nothing to do with politics. So stop it already!

Let’s all strive for something that those in power, I include politicians, the press and those working behind the scenes in politics, care nothing for. Let’s strive for CONSISTENCY!