My post read like this:

“If you described government function to people without telling them who you were talking about, most would think you were describing a criminal organization.”

We have no money of our own but we have big guns and people willing to do violence in our name but we have to pay them. Well that’s simple, we’ll just require our subjects to give a percentage of their income. If they don’t pay we’ll forcibly take it and throw them in a cage with the worst our society has to offer where they’ll be raped, terrorized, and most likely become violent themselves.

A bigger problem emerges. There is another government that treats their subjects the same way that crossed an arbitrary line that we use to separate us from them. We need more bodies to fight their aggression so we will conscript our citizens to fight for our “safety”. Never mind that they may not want to do it, if they refuse they will be put in the same cages as the people who aren’t paying our protection money.

Come to think of it we’re going to need more money for this expansion of arms. the 20% we were taking of the subjects income needs to be raised to 35%. I FORGOT ABOUT THE ROADS! We need to build roads to get to the fight. An additional 5% of income from the subjects will do it.

Hmmm, there will be casualties of this war, one’s that survive and will need permanent medical care. They will surely give up another 5% as they are patriotic and would not want to be seen as denying these heroes.

And on, and on, and on…….